Saturday, August 2, 2008

LASIK - A Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

A large number of surgeons who are not familiar with the corrective laser eye surgery reluctant to adopt it and, for several reasons: First, this treatment is much more technically difficult and not suitable for surgeons who do practice that occasionally, then this technique is much more expensive; finally, there is always the fear of damaging the cornea by making a "bad break". Results have shown that it is extremely rare for a serious complication to occur when LASIK surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon.

In 1997, a group of specialists engaged in a systematic review of their first 5 000 LASIK surgeries in order to assess the safety of this technique. This analysis was conducted in two parts: the operative phase at the time of surgery and postoperative phase in the months following surgery.

The operative phase:

In the case of eight patients, keratome created a piece is too thin or too short. Each time the piece was re-installed and a new surgery is performed six months later, has proved a success. None of these patients eyes has suffered a loss of visual potential.

The postoperative phase:

  • In three cases, the day after the operation, surgeons had to replace the strip that the patient had moved, by rubbing the eye despite the protective shell;
  • After the first day, surgeons haven't found on the strip of any patient any "fine line" that could affect the quality of vision;
  • In any case there has been infection;
  • In any case there has been development of scarring on the cornea (which often occurs during a photo-ablation of the surface);
  • In any case there was, in the slide, debris requiring that one raises the slide again to clean;
  • In any case there was epithelial cells forming in the strip and requiring that it raises the slide again to rid of these "infiltration epithelial.
  • The number of eyes who lost two lines of vision on the map of visual acuity was extremely low (0.08%).
After all this information about the safety of LASIK if you have any doubt about it, I suggest that you use cheap contact lenses.

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