Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Glasses vs. Cheap Contact Lens

Fashion accessories and instruments of high-tech glasses are increasingly competing with cheap contact lens more discreetly. I will guide you in your choices, and why to choose them over glasses.

Cheap contact lens, a practical and aesthetic correction

Contact lenses are mainly used in the correction of myopia (80%) and to a lesser extent, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia. They are placed in contact with the cornea and carved on each side so as to correct the anomaly.

Glasses allow light rays to focus again on the retina, rather than ahead of it as a myopia or backward as in hyperopia.

There are rigid or semi-rigid, whose maintenance is relatively easy but which are sometimes poorly tolerated by the eye. Other versions of flexible plastic polymer are easier to accept but require careful daily cleaning with a special product. There are also disposable lenses, which can keep one or two weeks later. In all cases, the ophthalmologist will check before prescribing the lenses if the eye secretes enough tears to support them.

A good peripheral vision with contact lenses

In addition to their aesthetic interest, contact lenses offer the advantage of providing a better field of vision as traditional glasses because of the lack of frame and because they follow the movements of the eye.

Peripheral vision is more ample and without grey area. They are therefore particularly appropriate in certain occupations that require a very good view, as surgeons, photographers...

Contact lenses are also more practical to wear at sports or outdoor activities. They also have the advantage to not fog, because the liquid wets the tear permanently.

Small constraints

However, contact lenses also have their drawbacks. In addition they require regular cleaning; they may lead to small irritations of the eye or your eyes will have allergies to the maintenance product.

More rarely, they can trigger abrasions or swelling of the cornea. Have regular eye examinations can check that everything goes well.

Don't worry for this, as I said this is more rarely. For me I'm wearing contact lens for 2 years without any problem.

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Many people prefer contact lenses instead of eye glasses, mainly because they look better


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