Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween is coming, be prepared!!

Scary and unique, be prepared for Halloween: Halloween contact lenses

Monday, May 25, 2009

What Contact Lenses Is Right For You?

While reading glasses and bifocals are commonly thought of as the main treatment of presbyopia, it is possible to restore your vision with contact lenses. Contact lenses for treating presbyopia are available in soft lenses as well as rigid gas permeable lenses.

Alternating Bifocal Contact Lenses - Alternating bifocal lenses are similar to traditional bifocal eyeglasses. Since there are two different prescriptions or powers on each lens, your pupil alternates between the two when you look upward or downward.

Simultaneous Bifocal Contact Lenses - Simultaneous bifocal contacts have two powers on each lens; however, the different prescriptions are blended on the lens and the eye determines which power is needed based on the distance being viewed. These lenses feature a design that is similar to progressive bifocal contact lenses.

Monovision Contact Lenses - When monovision contacts are prescribed to treat presbyopia, the dominant eye is fitted with a lens for distance and the non-dominant eye with a lens for seeing near.

Friday, May 22, 2009

It Is Safe To Wear Extended Contact Lens?

Since they do not require daily cleaning or rinsing, extended wear contacts are often desired for the added convenience that they can provide the wearer. These lenses also offer those with vision correction needs a non-surgical alternative to LASIK surgery.

Contact lenses were initially FDA approved for continuous overnight wear for up to two weeks in the 1980s. However, the approval was modified to 7 continuous days after an increase in eye infections amongst those who wore contacts overnight was noticed.

The extended wear lenses that are available today are made from a new material, silicone hydrogel, which allows more oxygen to reach the wearer's eyes when the contacts are worn. When silicone hydrogel lenses are worn approximately 6 to 7 times more oxygen reaches the lens wearer's eyes, which helps to maintain good eye health.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Choosing Your Contact Lens Online

The good thing about contact lenses though is that they're easily available over the Internet if you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home. It's important though that you consult your eye doctor first and get a prescription particularly when it's your first time to wear contact lenses. Your succeeding purchases may then be undertaken online.

Since there are many online contact lens stores, you need to be discriminate when choosing. Though your priority is getting the cheapest deal on contact lenses, you wouldn't want to sacrifice the loss of privacy or the trouble of not getting your lenses on time. Your first consideration would be to order from contact lens stores that are within your location. For instance, if you're from the US, it would be easier for you to have your contact lenses delivered from within the United States rather than from the UK and vice versa. This will save on shipping costs and time of delivery. You also have to review their privacy policy to ensure the security of your account and payment details.

Usually, ordering in bulk gets you a good deal on savings than when you buy per box. Not only do you get discounts, but you also have more of your contact lenses in store thus you don't have the fear of running out of them at the inopportune time.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Halloween Contact Lenses - Be The Surprise To Have Them

You have your costume, your mask what else to do? The best thing would be to wear a pare of special effect costume contact lenses which can completely transform your eyes into eyes of a vampire or a werewolf.

These lenses are usually the best sellers in halloween

• Cat's Eye - come in different colors including yellow, green and red make you look like a kitty
• White-out lenses - makes your eye completely white, very scary
• Black-out - the opposit, your eyes will turn black
• Bright Red - for red vampire eyes
• Spiral contacts of different color - red, yellow and white, create a crazy spiral effect
• Lenses with Fire effect - make your eyes burn with fire
• Bloodshot - blood vessels showing through white, very scary

How to make sure your lenses are safe?

You might have heard that halloween contact lenses can be dangerous your eyes. You shouldn't worry; though, because high quality contact lenses bought from respectable companies are absolutely safe; and there might be problems only if you don't clean them well. For people who wear contact lenses for vision correction, care for special effect contacts is simple because it is the same as for ordinary contacts.

If it's your first time wearing contacts, though, be sure to talk to your optometrist before you get your lenses. Majority contact lenses have instructions on how to take care of them. Be sure to follow these instructions - caring for your colored contact lenses doesn't take much time and is really easy.

Follow these simple rules:

• don't wear your contacts for extended periods of time
• for storing and cleaning your costume contacts use only special contact lens solution
• always handle your contacts with clean hands
• through away damaged lenses, don't try to wear them
• if your eyes become red or your feel irritation take the lenses off
• never share your pretty contacts with your friends

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Costume Contact Lens

Sometimes making your costume that much more outstanding requires an extra effort! Whether for Halloween or for a fun dress-up party, costume contact lenses can add a special touch to your outfit. They are inexpensive and easy to use and come in more varieties that you can think of.

So you have the perfect costume ready to go, and you think special contact lenses would heighten the dramatic effect, but you have a few questions. Can you get costume contact lenses without a prescription? The answer is yes. Costume contact lenses come in a prescription and non-prescription order and will fit all eyes. However, it is not advisable to wear contacts when you do not have a doctor’s consent. You may also be wondering how long your contacts will last. Amazingly, even though costume contact lenses are made for fun, if you take care of them, they can last up to one year. This means that your costume is good for more than one night!

Now that you feel more comfortable with the practicalities of costume lenses, you can start to think about what lenses will suit your costume best. There exists a wide variety of special lenses to choose from. You can select a recognizable look such as the cat’s eye, alien, wolf, jaguar, zebra or devil. Some of the most famous costumes in Hollywood history, such as Michael Jackson’s zombie from the video Thriller, can be emulated with special white-out eyes. Or, if you are looking for a more subtle change in eye colour to suit your costume, you can choose black, white, red or bloodshot. When a funky design would add a certain flare to your costume, you can find psychedelic, zigzag or starry lenses to complement your look. If you are dressing up as a particular celebrity but you do not have their eye colour, you can choose very natural contact lenses that will give you their recognizable look, such as ‘Old Blue Eyes’ for example. Natural coloured contact lenses come in blue, brown, green, hazel, turquoise, aqua and grey, just to name a few. The natural look can certainly complement a special costume, but these lenses look real enough to be worn with daily wear. If you are seeking a change in your appearance, but want nothing drastic, changing your eye colour is a good way to do it.

Special effects contact lenses can completely change your look. These specialty lenses can turn a good costume into a great costume. If you are looking to set yourself apart and have your costume stand out, special effects costume contact lenses will help you achieve your goal.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Halloween Contacts Lenses

In less than a couple of months the ghosts and goblins will be out for halloween. It is the time of the year when we don costumes and act out our alter ego. To enhance your halloween look you should consider special effects contact lenses. special effects contact lenses give you eyes that mesmerize. They are an excellent compliment to any costume.

With special effects contact lenses you can become animalistic, dazed, exotic, freaky, ghoulish, mystical and otherworldly. There are numerous styles to choose from, including manson, psycho, rock star, flame, creepers, shamrock, red cat eyes, banshee, vampire red, darth, and vader. Halloween is about standing out in the crowd, and with special effects contact lenses you will leave an eerie impression.

So where do you purchase special effects contacts? It is important to buy your contacts from a legitimate business. This could be from a local eye center, but you may find their selection limited.

You can purchase your special effects contacts from several popular online contact lens retailers. They will have the most extensive selection, and their contacts are of the highest quality. These are the same contacts your eye doctor would prescribe. When you buy online you will save significant money and in most cases you avoid paying state taxes. Best of all you can shop from your computer and have them delivered to your door.

Good to Know

Do not share special effect contact lenses. Sharing contact lenses may spread micro-organisms that may result in serious eye health problems

Use care when using special effects contact lenses. Just like regular contacts, special effects lenses require the same hygienic care and maintenance. They need to be stored in saline solution and should be handled properly. Discard your lenses as prescribed by your eye care provider.

So make you appointment now so you can have your special effects contacts in plenty of time for halloween. And don’t just think that your contacts should only be worn at halloween. Once you have them you can wear them anywhere you want to make an impact.


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