Monday, May 25, 2009

What Contact Lenses Is Right For You?

While reading glasses and bifocals are commonly thought of as the main treatment of presbyopia, it is possible to restore your vision with contact lenses. Contact lenses for treating presbyopia are available in soft lenses as well as rigid gas permeable lenses.

Alternating Bifocal Contact Lenses - Alternating bifocal lenses are similar to traditional bifocal eyeglasses. Since there are two different prescriptions or powers on each lens, your pupil alternates between the two when you look upward or downward.

Simultaneous Bifocal Contact Lenses - Simultaneous bifocal contacts have two powers on each lens; however, the different prescriptions are blended on the lens and the eye determines which power is needed based on the distance being viewed. These lenses feature a design that is similar to progressive bifocal contact lenses.

Monovision Contact Lenses - When monovision contacts are prescribed to treat presbyopia, the dominant eye is fitted with a lens for distance and the non-dominant eye with a lens for seeing near.


customoptics said...

Some people don't buy contact lenses just for the sake of fashion, and actually need them. For example, those who have eye diseases that affect the focus of light or those who may have had injuries to their eyes have less choices available to them.

hardcontacts said...

You made my decision a lot easier with this post.


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