Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How Does It Work?

The majority of contact lenses today are composed of a flexible plastic, transparent, hydrophilic (composed mostly of water) and permeable to oxygen.

Their operation is simple: like any lens (microscope, telescope ...), they converge or diverge light, but here is how to correct a problem of view. For example, in myopia, vision is blurred because light rays are focused before the retina. To correct this problem, place a different lens on the eye. The lenses are extremely thin, but their orientation is enough to deflect light and thus correct view.

The contact lenses are now able to correct all the problems of view currents, including several at once. They put on the cornea of the eye but do not affect it, because they are selected by the tear film that maintains and strengthens them. The eye therefore accepts them without any problem, and they remain in place through natural adhesion.

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